ITLINK is part of Marlink’s portfolio of services, an operational platform that boosts Marlink customers to simplify and automate their vessel IT environment.

It has been specifically designed for IT department managers and administrators to provide remote fleet-wide monitoring status of shipboard servers, computers, operating system and applications to efficiently achieve transparency of software and hardware onboard.

...Marlink noted.

As shipowners and operators facing new requirements for demonstrating IT security preparations to both regulators and their customers, Marlink aims to provide a simple, secure means of improving visibility without increasing seafarer workload.

Moreover, the service Operating System, software and hardware details together with established KPIs to an onshore dashboard, removing the requirement for the crew to record and report this information.

Our ITLINK portfolio and especially this new network monitoring functionality provides an important tool not just for enabling compliance with cyber security requirements but also removing the burden of proof from the crew while improving transparency for shoreside teams.

... Marlink President, Maritime Tore Morten Olsen, concluded.