Specifically, BBC reports that the fire started around 00:40 local time and engulfed 35 vessels from house boats to pontoons docked on the Tennessee River. The fire rapidly spread while people were sleeping at Jackson County Park in Scottsboro.

The fire resulted to the aluminium roof of the wooden dock to collapse and some boats sinking.

Moreover, it is reported that eight people were killed by the fire, but the reason that caused the fire remains unknown. In the meantime, rescue teams conducted search and rescue operations to ensure that there were no other victims.

The seven people that jumped into the water were recused by authorities and taken to the hospital to receive medical care.

Ms Durham, who was staying at a nearby dock, quoted to the Associated Press news agency that people were jumping onto a boat at the end of the dock because the blaze had engulfed the middle portion of the structure.

Concluding, all those injured and taken to the hospital at the day of the incident have been released.