How can people who are confined to vessels under quarantine stay safe and well at this difficult time?

Dr Thompson pointed out at the special strengths of seafarers:

You have developed skills that we, the general population, will need to learn in order to better manage coronavirus. For example, you already have the ability to manage long periods when you cannot circulate freely because you are onboard a vessel or times when you don't see your close family for months. You also know how to manage boredom by making sure you stay connected with people around you, stay connected remotely and have some activities that you can enjoy onboard. Please do draw on these strengths.

What about seafarers who are on ships that have been diverted and are unable to land? Are there special steps they can take to stay safe and well?

Try to schedule in activities and balance your time between getting some physical exercise, having some quiet times and socializing with others, as well as making sure to connect with family and friends as much as you are able.

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