The nine-cylinder test engine has an output of 1,150 kW/cylinder at a nominal speed of 500/514 rpm. The MAN L51/60DF engine can also be utilized both as marine main-engine and auxiliary engine.

The L51/60DF engine ran on fuel oil (DMA) and natural gas while it was tested on Augsburg’s test bed no. 20.

The TAT tested the engine’s:

  • alarm and safety system,
  • dual-fuel safety concept, including a test of its pilot-fuel system,
  • gas supply system,
  • the integration of MAN Diesel & Turbo’s proprietary SaCoSone.

Lex Nijsen, Head of Four-Stroke Marine, MAN Diesel & Turbo stared: “The MAN L51/60DF, with its improved rated-output and new features such as gas-start capability, is a welcome addition to the ranks with the flexibility to act in a main or auxiliary capacity. Whether operating on fuel oil or gas, I’m certain its efficiency and high power output will be appreciated by the market.”