The signing took place in Copenhagen on 11 July, continuing a long relationship among the three partners, who now aim to define a framework for a future long-term strategic digital cooperation.

Namely, the three companies aim to cooperate in areas such as the digitalization of marine engine solution and auxiliary systems data, the collection and analysis of the data and the integration of it with smart ship platforms and intelligent diagnostic solutions.

We strongly believe that this transition can best be achieved through cooperation and collaboration including customers and providers across the industry. The agreement at hand is a step in this direction and brings together market leading expertise in the fields of shipbuilding and engine design, manufacturing and operation to explore options for a joint digital development in an important segment of the maritime market,

...says Brian Østergaard Sørensen, Head of R&D 2-Stroke Business at MAN Energy Solutions.

This comes in line with MAN Energy Solutions' digital transition as a core element of its corporate strategy, with the announcement of its new digital platform earlier this year.

MAN CEON intelligently collects and evaluates operating and sensor data, and enables the real-time monitoring of marine and power-plant engines, turbines and compressors.