The Minister said that Malaysia, as well as other developing countries, have become new targets after China banned the import of plastic waste. She noted that 60 containers which include contaminated waste were smuggled in, heading to illegal processing facilities in the country and will be sent back to their countries of origin.

Specifically, sources report that ten containers will be shipped back in a matter of two weeks.


Malaysia is trying to tackle illegal plastic recycling facilities that have increased across the country, and has closed over 150 plants since last July. In fact, earlier in May, the government sent back five containers of waste to Spain.

Ms. Yeo highlighted that developed countries separate their waste for recycling, but the garbage is being dumped in developing nations. There they are recycled illegally, leading to environmental and health dangers.

For this reason she called these countries to re-examine their management of plastic waste and stop shipping the garbage out to the developing countries, as such practices are 'unfair and uncivilized.'