Maersk has issued a sustainability update to announce its target that by 2020 Maersk is committed to reduce CO2 emissions by 60% (in comparison with 2007 levels). Also, the company explains how radical upgrades of the existing fleet has improved fuel efficiency

New, larger and more fuel- efficient vessels such as the Triple-E have captured industry headlines in recent years for their cutting- edge innovation. However, with an asset lifespan of around 20-30 years, the existing fleet should not be overlooked in all the excitement. Maersk Line is taking a close look at older ships in its fleet and applying new and existing fuel- saving technologies in order to enhance their efficiency and reduce their emissions.

In September 2014, Maersk Line announced it would be investing up to USD 1 billion over five years in upgrades of existing vessels. This upgrade programme covers approximately 100 vessels and includes Maersk Line owned as well as leased vessels on long- term contracts. The technical upgrades will radically boost the fuel efficiency and significantly reduce the CO2 emissions. 

At the same time, lower fuel consumption ensures that Maersk Line vessels stay cost competitive. Maersk Line sees an opportunity in upgrading of existing vessels to manage capacity in the market by not deploying more additional vessels than needed to grow with the market. 

As part of the programme, Maersk Line has been testing several new and improved technologies to create industry- leading fuel efficiency. Knowledge has been applied from the newbuidling programme coupled with operational performance data from the existing fleet to ensure the best design and application.

Optimized propellers, engine upgrades and new bulbous bows designed for slower speeds are expected to reduce CO2 emissions from the 100 vessels equivalent to 1 million tonnes of CO2, when fully implemented.

Source:  Maersk Line

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