As MACN informed, the Index will present the illicit demands of all global ports; The data will consist of first-hand information gathered from captains calling worldwide ports, via  MACN’s Anonymous Incident Reporting Mechanism. Up to now, MACN has collected over 28,000 reports of corruption in ports.

The project enables MACN to collaborate with the international and local maritime industry and key government authorities in Nigeria to enhance the business climate and reduce corruption in the port and maritime sector.

In light of the project, Cecilia Müller Torbrand, Executive Director of MACN commented

Through the support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, MACN can take our world-leading incident data to the next level and turn it into a powerful advocacy tool. This index will be instrumental in highlighting the need for further investments and initiatives addressing integrity challenges in ports to promote fair global trade.

MACN has been active in Nigeria since 2011, whereas recently launched an Anti-Corruption port project aiming to end corruption, harassment and the threat of illicit delays.

Soji Apampa, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Convention on Business Integrity, added that the Nigerian Government prioritises to increase transparency and make port-business easier. Thus, the collaboration with MACN plays a crucial role in enabling change in the Nigerian shipping sector, which is both business-friendly and promotes integrity and business ethics.

This is important for incentivizing local stakeholder from both the public and private sector to engage with us and actively address corruption

... Soji Apampa concluded.