First of all, LR will assess HGS's Smart Ship System by putting into operations its latest Digital Ship’s ShipRight Procedure and Digital Compliance Framework; This will enable ship managers and operators using the system onboard vessels get class items credited remotely.

In addition, both partners will conduct tests on the system, that will be installed and operate on a ship, to acknowledge if the system is ready to comply with data-driven classification requirements.


Therefore, the tests will provide results on how the opted surveyable item will become eligible to class item credited based on data streamed from the HGS Smart Ship System, remotely.

Moreover, the collaboration will also create a digital interface between the two partners and will enable class items crediting to be conducted remotely. Additional operational efficiencies and improved performance could be gained by ship managers and operators through data-driven classification and data-driven maintenance strategies.

Kyoungsoo Ahn, HGS’s Director for Digital Transformation Business, highlighted that the company supports the idea that digitalization will bring many benefits to ship managers and operators in the shipping industry; Additionally, this partnership will be the starting point for recording tangible numbers in the maritime sector.

Luis Benito, LR’s Innovation and Co-Creation Director for Marine & Offshore, concluded that

Shipping can move forward on its digitalisation pathway through the adoption of smart ship systems and additionally owners and operators could gain further understanding to enhance their ship’s operational performance.