This AiP opens up the way for VLGC operators, who are trying to limit GHG emissions.


LR has enabled a high-level hazard identification (HAZID) workshop for the LPG fuel supply system and associated ancillaries, according to LR’s ShipRight Procedure Risk Based Designs (RBD). The concept design has been examined in conjunction with the result of HAZID.

René Sejer Laursen, ME-GI/LGI Promotion Manager of MAN Energy Solutions, noted:

In the future it will be difficult for some ship types to meet emission requirements without using gas as fuel, such as ethane, LNG and LPG. By using gas as fuel there is the potential to achieve 20% more power.

Hyundai Global Service (HGS) and MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) also took part in the project.