As evofenedex, a company interested with imports, exports and transports of companies' products, reported, the programme aims to boost the Netherlands' competitive edge, safety and sustainability.

Specifically, the Alliance aspires that by 2040 the import, export and supply of cargo will be handled by next-gen procedures and technology, in terms of their environmental and social impact, safety and affordability.

The chairman of the Logistics Alliance, Steven Lak commented

Over the next few years, we plan to take concrete actions within our logistics system, working together with the government towards an even more attractive and safer Netherlands.

Moreover, partners aim to a freight transport by quieter, low-emission ships, planes, trains and trucks.

In addition, the Alliance collaborates with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and Topsector Logistiek on the development of a cohesive approach to freight transport, consisting of a freight transport agenda, an agenda for the logistics sector, and projects that are taken up by the private sector.

Concluding, the Alliance consists of evofenedex, TLN, VNO-NCW, MKB Nederland, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Port of Amsterdam, ProRail, KNV, NVB, ORAM, Vereniging van Waterbouwers, Bouwend Nederland, CBRB, BLN-Schuttevaer, VRC, Koninklijke Vereniging van Nederlandse Reders, Air Cargo Netherlands, Deltalinqs.