The MoU focuses on innovation and technology, and it is an extension to the governmental Maritime Transport Agreement between China and Liberia which entered into force in February 2016.


Liberian Registry has also signed ten MoUs with shipyards, shipyard groups and ship design companies in China to create a platform for the exchange of market intelligence, innovation and technological development.

Liberian-flag shipowners will also be able to use a streamlined Ship Newbuild Services facility. The aim of this facility is to produce innovative ships capable of high performance levels and improve Port State Control performance, in compliance with all rules and regulations.

Thomas Klenum, Technical Director of the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR), the US-based manager of the Liberian Registry LISCR, noted:

Through MOUs, the Liberian Administration will be involved in the process of ship design and construction from the beginning, which will improve efficiency in meeting IMO requirements at the most cost-efficient phase of shipbuilding projects.