As a founding member of the IMO, Liberia took an initial role in global shipping in the early stages and keeps on being a member of the IMO Council. Liberia has teamed with Maritime Anti-Corruption Network which  this year received the SAFETY4SEA Sustainability Award in late October

Namely, MACN  was established in 2011 as an industry-led collective action initiative, to stamp out corruption in the maritime industry and to promote inclusive trade. Earlier this year, in an  interview with SAFETY4SEA,  Mr. John Sypnowich, Chair of MACN,  emphasized that only through collective action there is chance to promote trade and transparency; which actually the concept behind MACN is. In this respect, MACN has also developed an anonymous incident reporting system to target collective action efforts and engage with governments.

Alfonso Castillero, CCO of the Liberian Registry, highlighted that the organisation leads a great example of fighting corruption in some of the most difficult regions in the industry. MACN's model of government is set to be a global best-practise concerning its partnership collaboration and industry-led collective action.

MACN’s Programme Director, Cecilia Müller Torbrand, welcoming the Liberian flag as an associate member supported that it is important for MACN to partner with maritime-related businesses who aspire to fight corruption in the industry. Flag states are a major part of the shipping world and MACN awaits for Liberia's contributions including future efforts.


Moreover, Castillero continued stating that flag states with such effective image offer a unique perspective and chance to fight corruption in the maritime industry. It's a seldom case when a shipping sector gets that kind of recognition. Liberian Registry is a global network with full-time services and local inspectors, meaning that the flag is never far away.

The Liberian Registry's CCO, addressed that along with MACN can help the seafarers and crewmembers to avoid any bribery tries and provide them with processes and procedures as well as with firm backing. This backing serves to allay fears and prevent negative recourse by unscrupulous officials looking for enrichment at the expense of shipowners.

Finally, Benson Peretti, the Liberian flag’s MACN representative, addressed that MACN has shown that the shipping industry can collaborate for positive results that few would have thought possible. The representative encourages other flag states to think of joining the network, since the more the partners and collaborations, the better the results will be for crew, owners, and the wider shipping community.