The incident

The duty engineer noticed smoke and fire coming from a main engine turbocharger lagging.

The bridge was informed immediately and the starboard main engine control was transferred to emergency control room.

The vessel manoeuvered to emergency anchorage safely using the port main engine.

The vessel dropped anchor and engine room crew extinguished the fire.

There were no injuries and all emergency procedures were followed appropriately.


Probable causes

The damaged lagging was removed, and both the engines were tried out. No leakage was observed from the bellows and the manifolds. However, the lagging on both the main engine exhaust trunking had been replaced in recent days.

The cause was traced to inappropriate material and workmanship in the replacement lagging work.

After the incident occurred, a request for clarification was sought and this was confirmed by the workshop manager in his communication.


Actions taken

  • The vessel was safely anchored, and the lagging was removed from both engines;
  • Engines were tried out and it was confirmed that no exhaust gas leaks were found;
  • The lagging was renewed using the proper materials and better workmanship;
  • The engines were tried out after lagging repair to confirm lagging effectiveness;
  • Supply of proper quality and reliable material to be used by the repair workshops.


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