The Incident

The incident had to do with the lashings remaining on cargo as it was being discharged offshore.

Whilst offloading a slip joint from the vessels starboard side aft, the forward lashing was not removed.

As the crane was taking up the weight on the wire, the securing lashing parted, remaining attached wrapped around the slip joint.

Thus, this created a rocking movement to the slip joint, which then came in contact with a previously back loaded lift; causing damage to its construction. The deck crew watch were well clear of the lift, standing a safe distance away.

Probable Cause

  1. Forward lashing was not removed.
  2. The last lashing was on the forward end of the riser which was hard up against risers forward of it. The lashing was underneath, thus it was very hard to see, it was dark, and all deck spotlights were on, it was not noticed until the lift was a few meters above the deck.

Actions Taken

According to the Club, the following actions were resulted from the investigation of the incident:

  • Ensure that this incident is raised at the next safety meeting.
  • Vessels should check that their deck lighting is working correctly.
  • Information regarding Cargo Securing should be re-read by all concerned.