The incident 

During a site visit, a third-party owned safety harness was found inside a container of the barge. In fact, the harness was without the manufacturer’s tag and with cargo D-shackles on the lanyard instead of proper carabiners.

The safety harness could potentially have been used, posing risk to the crew members who used it. Therefore the safety harness was immediately taken out of service.

Probable causes

  • Ineffective checks on safety harnesses
  • Crew members did not quarantine or properly label defective safety harness
  • There was no designated quarantine space on the barge.

Lessons learned:

  • Crew on board reminded of the need for regular inspection of the safety harnesses.
  • Defective safety harness removed from use immediately – remove and quarantine any defective equipment immediately. Any doubt at all about the safety of the equipment, don’t use it!
  • Dedicated quarantine spaces (boxes) for defective equipment and tools to be arranged on board barges.

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