In fact, ladar is a light-based laser technology anti-collision system that identifies floating objects on or under the surface of the water, including drifting fishing nets, logs, containers and ice, but also plastic and other flotsam.

"We recently had the opportunity to set up the system on board Color Magic and execute a series of tests and benchmarks along the Oslo-Kiel route. The team first detected objects on the route sailing from Oslo to Kiel, then ran the same tests on the return leg to verify the identity of objects detected on the first pass. The test was a success. First we identified a series of objects, and then we were able to verify the findings".

...Sverre Dokken, founder of Offshore Monitoring, developers of Ladar noted.

What is more, the Ladar tests onboard Color Magic were part of Color Line’s ongoing efforts to promote safer, more efficient shipping, as Jan-Helge Pile, Technical Manager in Color Line confirmed.

Through the Ladar system, Offshore Monitoring goals to inform vessels' bridge of the real-time status of moving sand banks, while perform safe deviation from the set course, maximizing fuel efficiency without increased risk of grounding.

Since the beginning of the Ladar system development, we have placed great emphasis on testing the system's performance in every way possible, not only in controlled environments in the laboratory, but also in real-life settings.

...Dokken added.

During the trial, it was observed that the system was better at detecting smaller items than anticipated, but it wasn't as good on metal objects in still water. The reason for this were the waves caused by wind increase disturbance in the water around an object, making it easier to detect.

Concluding, the development team is currently using test results to create mockups and further test variables.

We are building a new version of Ladar based on these results. The new version is a multi-spectral unit employing 16 transmitters on 16 wavelengths. The prototype is currently under construction, with a target date end of 2020.

...Dokken concluded.