The Index is made up of a standard set of ten questions and these cover key areas to measure how happy seafarers are about the various elements of their working life.

Key findings

  • General happiness levels have fallen this quarter, and there have been some vociferous responses.
  • A host of new concerns emerged from the responses this quarter, and it was surprising to hear complaints about a lack of government support for their profession. This was not limited to one or two nationalities, suggesting that there is a wider need for administrations to address their relationships with seafarers.
  • Regarding onboard issues, long standing concerns were voiced again. Seafarers spoke about a lack of social life, and limited access to entertainment and the internet.
  • Shore leave was again a bone of contention, as was work load and paper work.
  • Those who were scored as being happiest were those who had positive relationships with those onboard, who had internet access, good food, time and ability to exercise and were able to get ashore now and again.

It may seem blindingly simple, but unless these areas are addressed and improved, then seafarers will not be happy in their jobs, and will either switch companies, or perhaps leave the sea. We urgently need more data, and to hear the stories of more seafarers…and for those who have already done so, to share again. We are building new online capabilities and applications to process the data, to make sure the voices at sea are heard.


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