The main topics covered in the new “Cyber Security at Sea” training programme are:

  • The nature of cyber security threats,
  • How to assess the risks to the ship’s IT and OT (operational technology),
  • How the risks to individuals and ships can be reduced,
  • How to respond to a cyber security breach or attack. 

Mark Woodhead, KVH senior vice president, EMEA, said: “A cyber-attack can severely impact and impair vessel performance. Many cyber incidents onboard are triggered accidentally by seafarers opening phishing email attachments or hyperlinks, or using infected removable media, so this training programme explores how to minimise these risks by making personnel more aware of the types of malware.”

The maritime industry is in the midst of a focus on cyber security, and the IMO recently announced that it will soon be mandatory for companies to ensure that cyber security procedures are properly addressed in their ship’s Safety Management System (SMS).