The simulator aims to create a virtual ship environment with a realistic light source and materials based on the 3D ship model’s actual drawings. It provides an experience similar to the inspector's actual shipboard inspection by interfacing with HMD devices.


The software will incorporate the following key features:

  • Offers various scenarios in different ship locations.
  • HMD is applied to provide visibility linked to inspection points.
  • Apply physical engine to recreate scenarios such as a drop, collision.
  • Provides an inspection database matched to the 3D virtual ship environment.
  • Surveyor behavior models activities such as transport boat moving, ladder climbing, hand lighting.

Furthermore, the VR inspection training simulator provides an "application framework combining ship 3D model and virtual reality" which can be applied to various types of vessels and ships, and allows the user to perform the following:

  • Build a 3D virtual environment for a variety of types of vessel. When constructing such a 3D virtual environment application system based on a ship, it is possible to accommodate any real needs of the users by constructing application methods and systems for the entire vessel.
  • Build a 3D virtual environment application system for various ships suitable for the company that is not based on a specific 3D model, it prevents wasting resources on the development of similar functions and provides a foundation for focusing on application system development.
  • Enables efficient user service configuration
  • Provides a model in which virtual reality contents, user information, and related data are linked so that the user can access and use them.