The new service is launched as a result from collaboration and research conducted with the University of Gyeongnam Geochang.

The drone inspection is expected to save time and money and will enhance workforce safety. The inspection is conducted onboard, in and around ships and many of the inspected areas are high risk and difficult to access safely. The inspections will be carried out using drones (UAV unmanned aerial vehicles) and underwater drones (ROV remotely operated vehicles).

After researching the possibilities and technology available, KR successfully completed a series of tests utilising camera-equipped drones for ship inspections, and at the same time established a registration process for service suppliers, including the University of Gyeongnam Geochang. The two organisations now plan to work together on future technological developments.

"This development will be a significant advantage for our customers', saving their time and capital resources as well as increasing efficiency and safety at the worksite, which I hope, will in turn improve competitiveness across the shipping industry," said Mr. Lee Jeong-kie, Chairman and CEO of KR.

Moving forward, KR plans to provide services using a variety of different drones to expand its inspection service areas. 

The following video illustrates the drones in action: