According to Damen, the "RSD-E Tug 2513" is the world's first fully electric tug with 70 tonnes bollard pull, while is estimated to be delivered in 2021.

We are very excited to make a start on the construction of this innovative vessel. We are also very proud to be maintaining our schedule during this challenging time when the coronavirus pandemic continues around the world. Joris van Tienen general director of Damen Song Cam Shipyard noted.

What is more, the newbuild will further contribute meeting Ports of Auckland’s goal of being a zero emissions operation by 2040.

With 80% of electricity in New Zealand already cleanly generated, the tug will complete a green energy cycle in the ports, Damen added.

Concluding, following a popular vote in which people were invited to choose a name for the new tug, the Ports of Auckland’s RSD-E Tug 2513 will be named Sparky.