As K Line specifically said in the report:

We will use low-sulfur fuel, install SOX removal equipment, convert fuel to LNG and otherwise proceed with optimal measures on a ship-by-ship basis.


Currently, rules regarding sulphur concentration in marine fuel are attracting particular attention, and there are various way to comply with them, the company noted. These methods include the use of low-sulfur fuel oil, installation of scrubbers and conversion to LNG and other alternative fuels.

We will proceed on a ship-by-ship basis, aware that we cannot limit ourselves to one particular measure. In April 2018, the targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions including CO2 emissions from international shipping were decided, then the concrete measures to achieve will be discussed.

In addition, K Line mentioned that implementing environmental measures will entail large costs, 'but it is important to take action without delay by sharing the burden fairly among beneficiaries'.