By joining IWSA, K Line will focus on wind propulsion as a credible, viable and increasingly attractive solution.

In light of the situation, Atsuo Asano, “K” LINE Representative Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer said:

Through IWSA activities, maritime stakeholders can create a big scrum, pushing together towards the uptake of direct wind power applications for commercial ships. We believe this association will bring a bright future for the shipping industry.

The announcement came following “K” LINE’s decision to install the automated kite system “Seawing” developed by AIRSEAS to a large bulk carrier owned by IWSA.

It is a great pleasure to join IWSA and we have selected the Airseas kite system as the most promising wind propulsion for our vessels, in view of its enhanced traction power resulting from it flight control technology. With IWSA, we strongly step forward for environmentally friendly maritime transportation.

....Koji Tsumuraya of “K LINE’s Advanced Technology Group continued.

Concluding,  IWSA Secretary General, Gavin Allwright, summarized that wind-assist retrofits will deliver 5-20% of the propulsive energy required by large vessels on their current motor vessel operational profile, with the potential to reach 30%.

This abundant energy is delivered at zero cost and emissions for the life of the vessel, directly to the point of use without the need for additional expensive infrastructure.

We are delighted to welcome “K” LINE to the association, adding a powerful voice to our calls for wind propulsion to be considered as a significant and immediate decarbonization tool for the world’s fleet.

....Gavin Allwright concluded.