The study includes specifications, engine types and any related technical verifications for LNG handling.

K Line Kinkai has been studying introduction of a ferry powered by Liquefied Natural Gas, as it is an environmentally-friendly fuel that could almost completely eliminate SOx emissions and also minimizes NOx and CO2 emissions to certain level. The collaboration aims to accelerate this study.

K Line Group has also been studying introduction of various types of LNG-fueled vessels, including car carrier and tugboat, as well as LNG supply business. The company is promoting environmental measures based on K Line Environmental Vision 2050, the Group’s long-term environment management vision toward 2050.

In line with its vision, K Line's “Drive Green Highway,” a 7,500RT large-scale car carrier won the award of “Ship of the Year 2016” by the Japanese Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers, for featuring environmentally-friendly technology.