At the same time, the demand in the global LNG industry will spread to 369 million tons, following China's and India's increased demand.

As the Institute of energy economics managing director and chief economist, Ken Koyama noted, the supply capacity will increase in such countries as the United States to 381 million tons, surpassing demand.

Reflecting such supply-demand balance, the spot LNG price will slip below $6 per mBtu. Meanwhile, LNG prices under long-term contracts covering most of LNG supply are basically indexed to crude oil prices.

...Ken Koyama continued.

Furthermore, the oil market is expected to become volatile, as the spot price of Brent crude oil will average $65/b during 2020.

While the LNG market is being globalized, attention must be paid to LNG imports in China and other Asian emerging market countries and in Europe. Ken Koyama marked.

Moreover, the coal market prices will remain close to its current levels. Specifically, are forecast at around $70 per ton for steam coal and $140-150t for coking coal.

Coal consumption will continue to increase mainly in the Asian emerging countries in 2020, despite that the world is being critical of its production due to climate change.