Slated for delivery in February 2019 after the completion of outfitting work, Ishin will be the first LNG-fueled tugboat serving Osaka Bay starting in April. It is also the first LNG-fueled tugboat owned by MOL, conforming to the International Code of Safety for Ships using Gases or other Low-flashpoint Fuels (IGF Code).

The vessel is expected to perform an estimated 25% reduction of CO2 emissions in comparison to tugs that run on other fuels.The scheme aims to "visualize" energy savings and the effects of CO2 reduction in the vessel planning and design stages and objectively evaluate ships' energy-saving and CO2 reduction performance to foster the development of coastal ships that offer greater energy saving and CO2 reduction.

Ishin is also Japan's first LNG-fueled tugboat with a removable LNG fuel tank mounted on the exposed deck at the stern of the ship. This enhances convenience in bunkering, maintenance, and inspection.

Ishin will be operated by Nihon Tug-Boat Co., Ltd., and LNG fuel will be supplied by Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. using a truck-to-ship system. MOL and Osaka Gas will establish an LNG fuel supply system for vessels in Sakai Senboku Port, which will be the first in Osaka Bay.