In fact, the Japanese consortium secured a place in the "Joint Technological Development Programme for the Demonstration of Unmanned Ships" led by The Nippon Foundation.

The consortium's experts will bring their expertise to launch a pilot project with the aim to boost the technology for autonomous ship operations in Yokosuka City.

Under these circumstances, autonomous ships are expected to reduce the workload of the ship crew while enhancing operational safety. Unmanned ships will contribute to secure, safe and stable sea transport in Japan.

What is more, the pilot project is to be held in a voyage route among Mikasa Pier and Sarushima Island in Yokosuka

Responsible for the autonomous ship technology will be Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding, as it will retro-fit one of the existing small-sized passenger boats operated by Tryangle, in order to achieve autonomous ship operations including berthing and unberthing.

Concluding, the boat's retro-fitting process and the operational tests of the autonomous technology will be conducted by the end of March 2022.

Nippon Foundation, Marubeni, Tryangle, Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding, and the City of Yokosuka will establish autonomous ship technology through this pilot project, towards the goals of providing solutions to the shipping industry and achieving a safe and sustainable society.

...the consortium concluded.