Japan also amended the ‘Act on Liability for Oil Pollution Damage’ (the Act) in order to reflect the provisions of the two conventions. The amended Act will apply by March 2020.


After the Act does come into force, the following Japanese-flagged vessels will have to apply for financial security certificates under the conventions, and keep them on board:

  • BC: Japanese-flagged domestic or ocean-going vessels of 1,000 GT or more;
  • WRC: Japanese-flagged domestic or ocean-going vessels of 300 GT or more.



The application procedure for convention certificates will be determined by governmental and ministerial decrees.

The Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention was adopted in Kenya in 2007, and provides a set of uniform international rules aimed at ensuring the prompt and effective removal of wrecks located beyond the territorial sea.

The Convention also includes an optional clause enabling States Parties to apply certain provisions to their territory, including their territorial sea.