Specifically, four areas are locate off the Akita prefecture and they are:

  • Noshiro (Mitane and Oga);
  • Yurihonjo (north and south);
  • Happou and Noshiro;
  • Katagami.

Moreover, three areas were identified off Aomori prefecture:

  • Nihon sea (north);
  • Nihon sea (south);
  • Mutsu bay.

In addition, two areas were designated off Nagasaki prefecture:

  • Goto;
  • Saikai (Ejima).

While, the two remaining areas are off:

  • Tokyo prefecture (Choshi);
  • Niigata prefecture (Murakami & Tainai).


Four of these areas, Noshiro (Mitane and Oga), Yurihonjo (north and south), Choshi, and Goto, will immediately go through preparations for wind and geological surveys, sources reported.

What is more, earlier in 2019, Japan voted a law to advance the use of territorial waters for offshore renewable energy generation facilities. This aims to develop offshore wind farms outside port-related areas.

When the tendering procedure starts, the candidates will be given a 30-year lease to develop and operate wind farms.