Well Exploration Operation of Well CFD17-1-1

During this operation, except from the large number of work lights at night, there will be a red light set on the top of the derrick, a Morse (U) white-light lamp of 15 seconds and a Morse (U) fog horn of 30 seconds set outboard of each spud leg of the platform.


Due to the works, workboats should keep watch on Channel 16 and 67 round the clock. In addition, passing vessels should strengthen lookout, pay attention to the movements of the workboats, contact voluntarily and pay attention to the avoidance for the safety matters. Other vessels are not allowed to enter into the work site during the operation.

Fault Emergency Repair on Section S3 of the APCN2 Optical Fiber Cables in Changjiang Estuary

The engineering ship 'Feng Yang Hai Gong' will detect the fault location, salvage and cut off the defective cable, splice, lay and repair the cable, bury and repair the cable along route of Section 3 of APCN2 submarine optical fiber cable in the work site. During the operation, 'Feng Yang Hai Gong' will not drop anchors and will adopt dynamic positioning and her navigation speed is relatively slow.


  • The engineering ship should exhibit regulated lights and shapes in obvious places day and night and keep AIS normally open;
  • The engineering ship should strengthen lookout and watch on VHF16, improve the dynamic notification and take the initiative to contact the passing vessels. Security watch should be properly conducted by the guard ships;
  • Vessels passing the work site should keep a safety distance with the engineering ship, sail cautiously and pay attention to the avoidance;
  • The operation should be suspended and the work site should be cleared when the force of wind is over the scale of 7 or the visibility is under 1nm.

Operation of Geological Exploration of Bohai Strait Sea-Crossing Passage Project

Geological drilling operation will take place in water areas respectively bounded by following six points.


  • Workboats should display signals in accordance with Regulation on Signal Exhibition in Coastal Port and equip guard ships, strengthen lookout, keep watch on VHF, enhance the implementation of responsibility system of work safety and prepare for the bad weather;
  • Passing vessels should contact the workboats in advance and pass-by slowly after avoidance measures are taken.

Operation on 3D Seismic Data Acquisition of Submarine Cable of Project 'BZ19-6' in Dongying

During the operation, workboats and facilities should show operation signals as regulated, equip effective communication device and arrange specially-assigned person to keep watch, improve lookout and security works, pay attention to the movements of the passing vessels, take the initiative to contact the passing vessels and remind them of taking early safety measures.

Moreover, weather information timely and make corresponding arrangements based on the change of weather and sea conditions, as well as report the work progress and work schedule to Dongying MSA timely and be subject to the supervision of Dongying MSA.

Finally, operators should report the movements of the ships after completion of the operation.