In light of the situation, ITF and JNG issued a joint statement, highlighting that seafarers' extended contracts leave them fatigued physically and mentally and feel that they are not fit to continue perform their duties at the level required of a professional.

"The responsible action at this point is not to extend their contract and request repatriation. This is not an incitement to go on strike! Their contract has finished and, once a ship is safely in harbour, they have the right not to extend. Of course, there will be circumstances where a seafarer is denied disembarkation, due to lack of flights and/or their replacement, but they cannot be compelled to work either.

After Human Rights at Sea denounced ITF’s ‘Enough is Enough’ Call to Action, ITF stated that the campaign aims to push the various government and authorities to relax crew change restrictions, far from being aimed at JNG and their Members.

"We understand that the world’s communities are dependent on the goods transported by sea, but our seafarers onboard cannot bear the burden of this responsibility indefinitely. They have done their duty and now they deserve our support. We will continue to support companies and use our networks and contacts with both the UN and other agencies and nationally to assist them. We appreciate that this is a difficult time for everyone and we want to work together on finding solutions"

...ITF and JNG concluded.