Seafarers are open to fatal accidents, as ITF reports that in the past five months, seafarers were killed in three different types of lashing work:

  1. Containers;
  2. Ro-ros;
  3. Logs.

The Federation discusses of fatal accidents that have caused the lives of seafarers, after being seriously injured while lashing logs.

In addition, many are the examples of lashing wires snapping while being tightened using a vessel's crane; Also, another fatal incident was about a seafarer being killed, while lashing containers.

Concluding, ITF highlights that the most often cause of lashing accidents is fatigue, as seafarers are tired after having worked for long hours.

In the attempts of looking for ways to tackle fatigue on board and enhance seafarers' wellbeing, MHFA England published an infographic in activities seafarers could conduct to be more alert and improve their work experience.