Specifically, the agreement was signed on March 23.

In light of this agreement, the port of Trieste plans to expand its presence both in Central European and China's maritime markets.


Moreover, port Trieste will have the chance to explore new opportunities in relation to CCCC's project to construct and manage a terminal in Slovakia.

The partners will also explore collaborative ventures for logistical-industrial projects in China, with the aim of facilitating logistics and commercial flows.

Zeno D’Agostino, Port Authority of Trieste President reported that through this agreement, the port plans to organise the outgoing logistics in the port.

He continued that Italian businesses will be able to develop port and logistics platforms in China, that will allow Italian products sail towards the Chinese expanding market.

The Port of Trieste will take part in the Belt and Road Initiative.

In addition to the agreement, the participants officially agreed on railway infrastructure near the ports of the eastern Adriatic Sea.

Concluding, the signing ceremony results to a two-day event, around the visit of the Chinese president.