As shipping owners and operators look to reap the benefits of increased automation and digitalization, they are also more exposed to cyber threats that could have serious consequence to operations and the safety of people and the environment.

This drives the need for better control, visibility and management of cyber risks in maritime operations.

Cyber security is the new frontier in marine and offshore safety. As these assets become more digital, the industry must be ready to deal with a broader range of threats,

...says Ian Bramson, Global Head of Cyber Security at ABS Group.

The solution supports implementing cyber security at the earliest stages of asset design and development, making cyber risk management a consistent and integral part of operations from the beginning, ABS Group explained.

Historically, OT and IT acted as stand-alone systems in the maritime industry...We look forward to working with ABS Group to provide converged cyber security management that combines the physical OT systems with IT's real-time digital operations to protect personnel, company, cargo and the environment from the evolving threat landscape and prevent unwanted incidents from occurring,

...says Jerome Sandrini, Senior Vice President and Head of Big Data and Cybersecurity, Atos North America.

October has been identified in Europe and the US as cyber security month, to increase awareness for a better insight into cyber security.

In early October, the Governments of the US, Denmark and the Netherlands shared their vision on sharing a global and secure Internet and stable cyberspace, and committed to continued collaborative efforts in enhancing cyber security in the maritime sector.