Citing advice from, ISWAN applied these recommendations to seafarers, who often have to do with work overload and stress, affecting their physical and mental health.

Why taking a walk after dinner?

1. It can aid digestion

  • A study found that walking increased the rate at which food moved through the stomach.
  • Other research has found that walking after a meal may improve gastric emptying in patients with longstanding diabetes, where food may typically take longer to digest and empty from the stomach.
  • Individuals suffering from digestion problems and discomfort may also see some benefits from walking.

2. It can help control blood sugar levels

  • Chronic high blood sugar can cause problems like damaged blood vessels, kidney disease and vision issues. It can also lead to insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance, which are risk factors for Type 2 diabetes.
  • A study found that walking for 15 minutes after a meal three times a day was more effective in lowering glucose levels three hours after eating compared to 45 minutes of sustained walking during the day.
  • Another study of individuals with Type 2 diabetes found that 20 minutes of walking post-meals may have a stronger effect on lowering the glycaemic impact of an evening meal compared to walking before a meal or not at all.

Caution note: Take care when exercising and work within your limits.