Hamid Khalili, Director General of Coast and Ports engineering stated that in this course, the definitions and basic concepts of GIS, familiarity with the general and specialized tools of the PMO-GIS system, familiarity with the various types of general and specialized reporting is provided in a WebGIS environment.

He also stated that:

Geographic information or spatial information is one of the most important and key resources for management, planning and decision making. The importance of this information has increased to some extent, which is referred to as the fourth pillar in managerial decision making


GIS has been utilized in the Ports and Maritime Organization since 2005 to manage spatial information and has already been used at Irany's major commercial ports. With this system, managers, experts, consultants and contractors can view the map and receive descriptive information directly by clicking on the maps.

The Integrated Coastal, Ports and Maritime Information System (PMOGIS) has been developed to be a comprehensive spatial and descriptive infrastructure of the coast and ports of the country.