A view to improvingcompliance of operators

Operators are reminded that the Maritime Security Centre - Horn of Africa (MSCHOA) is now issuing a monthly compliance report relating to "Best Management Practices" to shipping industry associations and flag states, which lists vessels which have not complied with one or more of the three main requirements of BMP:

  • registering with MSCHOA,
  • reporting to UKMTO,
  • having visible SPMs (Self Protection Measures) in place.

As previously advised, INTERTANKO has now been contacting (confidentially) Members listed in these reports as not being fully compliant with BMP, with a view to improving Member compliance.

INTERTANKO understands that there may be reasons why a particular vessel has not complied, such as the presence of armed guards onboard, but irrespective of this we are urging all our Members to ensure that their vessels comply with BMP at all times and in all circumstances, but specifically to verify compliance with the 3 main elements listed above.

INTERTANKO continues to strongly urge all Members to support the military, by reviewing their security procedures, by ensuring that their ship masters are fully complying with BMP 3, by hardening their ships against piracy attack (deploying self-protection measures), by keeping the military advised at all times (registering with MSCHOA and ensuring their ships report to UKMTO as required). The importance of doing so cannot be over-emphasised.

INTERTANKO will continue to contact Members whose vessels are reported by the military as being non-compliant, in order to improve the BMP compliance of Members.

If you are contacted by INTERTANKO in this regard, your understanding and cooperation in supporting the industry and military objective in securing 100% compliance with BMP by all vessels is much appreciated.