The operational test started with the Adveto ECDIS system doing a look-up of the Kongsberg Norcontrol Shore Centre services, in the service registry. The ship then shared the voyage plan, which was instantly available in the shore centre for checking, monitoring, confirmation, new suggestions, etc. The underlying Sea Traffic Management (STM) and Maritime Cloud infrastructure managed the transmission directly between authenticated actors.

The shore centres in the STM Validation test bed will support ships with services that are expected to increase the safety for the ship and its surroundings and improve the efficiency of the transport system. Studies indicate more than 60 % reduction of human related accidents and €100 millions of savings. 

Kent Sylvén, CEO Adveto says: "Connecting the ECDIS with real-time secure services from any STM-compatible service provider on shore can improve the decision-support for bridge officers. I have no doubt that STM also will reduce costs and improve economy for all involved parties. Furthermore I believe that STM also can reduce accident rates.”

The STM test beds will include 300 ships, 13 ports and at least 5 shore centres.