The conference, taking place in London on February 5th, will open with its first session Money Matters with a key presentation on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain for Shipping.

Aleksander Nowak, CIO of BlockEx, will cover topics including: ‘is shipping a quick adapter’ and ‘blockchain for shipping’, and provide an insight into how the industry will adapt to this new paradigm shift in technology. 

“Delegates will be very interested to hear about how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is going to affect the industry in the next few years to come. Are we, as ship managers, ready for it and what can the industry expect from it, are the questions we will be debating," said Secretary-General of InterManager, Captain Kuba Szymanski.

Other topics due to be discussed during the conference are ‘welfare of seafarers and money’ and ‘seafarers and shore personnel’.

"We will be looking to our audience to help us debate the important questions surrounding crew welfare. Are we managing them correctly? Are we paying them enough? What can we do to make their important jobs better and to sustain a viable future for our seafarers?”

During the event, InterManager will also be updating delegates on a number of its own projects, including 'Best Seafarers’ DNA' and 'Safe Manning V Sustainable Manning'.