The payloads are designed to address the needs of merchant fleets, fishing vessels, commercial airlines and the energy market. In these sectors, high-speed mobile broadband connectivity is driving both major operational and efficiency improvements and supporting the introduction of new business models.

In addition, the new payloads will provide continuous communications to government users operating in the Arctic. These payloads will also provide steerable capacity through service beams and high-capacity steerable beams.

The new payloads will also enhance network performance in very high latitudes by flying directly overhead, providing GX antennas with much higher elevation angles to improve throughput.

In close collaboration with Inmarsat and government partners we are about to get in place a strategically important capacity for all those currently operating in the Arctic without access to broadband capabilities. Our focus is on the users - fishermen, researchers, rescue personnel, coast guard, military and others

Jostein Rønnerberg, CEO of Space Norway, noted.