The customers will be able to access Inmarsat’s global satellite communications network and connect their IIOT infrastructure to Microsoft’s Azure IoT Central Platform.

Specifically, through the collaboration the customers will have a diversity of tools to connect anything to anything, while in the meantime they will be able to unite physical assets of the world with applications in the digital sphere.

Tara MacLachlan, Inmarsat’s VP of IIOT Strategy commented

This collaboration with Microsoft Azure is central to our Industrial IoT strategy and will enable our customers to access the data generated and processed by our intelligent edge IoT solutions, regardless of where their infrastructure is located.

Internet of Things will make the data analysis and the optimisation of the operations easier.

Also, Microsoft's application can deliver through Azure and IoT cloud solutions will be critical to delivering this value to their customers, she continued.

Concluding, Sam George, Director Azure IOT reported

Our goal is to enable customers to take advantage of connected IoT solutions no matter where they are in their journey.