Specifically, Liverpool-headquartered maritime training company Tapiit Live has signed an agreement with Inmarsat, enabling it to offer live stream training to crews on close to 10,000 vessels worldwide.

The pandemic lockdown and the obstacles arising has led many shipping stakeholders take their training online. For instance, BIMCO collaborated with the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and Ocean Technologies Group subsidiary Videotel to create a high-quality educational resource and assist maritime students continue their studies remotely. Similarly, Safebridge announced the launch of SafeLearn for Business.

Richard Turner CEO at Tapiit Live stated that switching to live stream training and strips out ‘massive overheads’ with up to 80% of normal training costs accounted for by travel, accommodation, expenses and room hire.

He added that the first live stream training packages will range from toolbox talks, mental wellbeing, maritime English, risk assessments, security and safety culture.

Training plays a crucial role for seafarers, with a very important element being their mental wellbeing.

Turner concluded that

The challenges of life at sea have been brought into sharp focus by the coronavirus crisis and the huge problems around repatriating seafarers particularly to Indian and the Philippines. As a result, we have designed three mental wellbeing courses which include support for leaders, crew and also a tailored package for coronavirus related issues.