According to Port of Hamburg's press release, the project will acquire one million euro for the partners to implement IWT services and river information services (RIS) solutions.

Also, the project will start on August 1, while the meeting, for the project's operation, in Stockholm is under preparation.


The EMMA Extension project is the next step in developing IWT services in Sweden, Poland and Lithuania, and also it is a way to boost  the uptake of newly developed river information services (RIS) in Germany. Thus, the project will increase the quality and durability of results.

The approval for the EMMA Extension application was delivered to the partners from the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

In the meantime, the leader of the project is the Port of Hamburg, followed by six additional project partners.

Concluding, Stefan Breitenbach, Head of the Project Division at Port of Hamburg Marketing added

The strong interest to further implement IWT solutions was expressed by the entire original EMMA partnership. Unfortunately the extension call just allowed a limited partnership, so that we had to choose from all the very good suggestions received. Anyhow, all EMMA partners are still involved in a variety of ways to save the network created and to plan and apply for future tangible projects.