Specifically, the regulations that were entered in the 1st of July 2014 stated that seafarer's doctors have a transitional period of five years to comply with the requirements.


Also, the requirements can be found in the Regulations of 5 June 2014 no. 805, concerning medical examination of employees on Norwegian ships and mobile offshore units section 19.

In order to be further approved by the Norwegian Authority, seafarer's doctors must comply with the requirements until the 1st of July, 2019.

The following documentation on fulfilled requirements must be sent to the foreign service mission:

  • The form "KS-0418 Self-declaration - Seafarer’s doctor”;
  • Diploma from the basic course for NMA seafarer’s doctors.

The Authority highlights that a completed course and implemented quality system does not automatically lead to a sure, renewed approval the next time of applying.

Concluding, the foreign service mission will be responsible in considering whether there is a seafarer's doctor needed in the area to conduct medical examinations on employees on Norwegian ships and mobile offshore units. Also, the Authority will check if the requirements are fulfilled in a satisfactory way.