Shallow waters

Waters shallower than 20 fathoms (about 12 storeys) will be temporary closed only in the possibility that one or more right whales are seen in these locations.

Aerial surveillance

The Government reported that surveillance flights will be conducted regularly to determine the presence of right whales, and ensure compliance with fishery closures.

Temporary closure area

Snow crab and lobster fisheries, as all other non-tented fixed-gear fisheries, will be closed in a designated area when a right whale is observed. It is possible that closures could extend to more than 15 days if whales remain in the area.

Season-long closure area 

This closure will be in place effective April 28, 2019 or sooner for snow crab and lobster fisheries (and all other non-tented fixed-gear fisheries). This area reflects where 90% of right whales were observed in 2018.

Protecting Critical Habitats

  • Grand Manan Basin
  • Nova Scotia
  • Roseway Basin

Protecting North Atlantic Right Whales

Whales can be injured or killed when they become entangled in fishing gear.