Mainly, Clear Value Proposition is when all players see and share the value created from the common adoption of blockchain.

In addition, blockchain should maintain a value proposition that highlights the concerns of the main stakeholders.

Other T&L industry players want to safeguard their position in the value chain: brokers and freight forwarders want to protect fee-related revenues; banks seek to maintain their commissions for issuing letters of credit; and terminals do not want to lose income related to the movement or storage of containers.

Credit: BCG

Concerning the blockchain ecosystem:

  1. Importers and exporters offer the production and transport demand to the blockchain, resulting to planning efficiency;
  2. Freight Forwarders offer access to and view of the market. As a result, they gain transparency and security;
  3. Carriers and truckers offer to the ecosystem planning and capacity, so they are 'awarded' with planning efficiency, transparency and security;
  4. Terminals update the blockchain ecosystem with data on production and transport demand, gaining planning efficiency, transparency and security;
  5. Customs provide the regulatory framework, which results to compliance and process efficiency;
  6. Banks add to the ecosystem credit profile and identity, resulting to compliance, security and transparency.

As a result, a clear value proposition requires all participants to share data and capture the benefits of participation in the ecosystem.