Key figures

  • A total of 5,697 inspections were carried out in 2018.
  • Out of these, 2,856 inspections had deficiencies and the total numbers of deficiencies were 11,847.
  • Serious deficiencies noted by the PSCOs led to the detention of 252 ships and needed to be rectified prior to the ships' departure;
  • There was increase in total number of inspections in 2018, compared with those in 2017;
  • The detention percentage decreased at 4.42 % from 4.95 % recorded in 2017.
  • The average number of deficiencies per inspection in 2018 (2.07) has slightly decreased compared to the previous year (2.30).

Deficiency Percentage by Categories


Percentage of Ship Type with Deficiencies

Comparison of Detentions per Ship Type

Percentage of Detention per Ship Type

The information given in the tables and charts represents the port State control activities of Australia, Bangladesh, Comoros, France, India, Iran, Kenya, Myanmar, Maldives, Mauritius, Oman, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Sudan. The remaining member Authorities are trying to overcome the challenges in carrying out their PSC inspection activities.

It should be noted that Australia, is a member of both the Tokyo MoU and the Indian Ocean MOU. South Africa is a member of the Abuja MoU and Indian Ocean MOU, Oman is a member of Riyadh MoU and the Indian Ocean MOU.

Each record their PSC data with both MoUs, and so when considering a world picture of statistics, this duplication of data needs to be taken into 1 account.

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