As explained, the Indian Navy ship 'Trishul' whilst on anti-piracy patrol in the Gulf of Aden, was escorting a merchant vessel MV 'Jag Amar', when she detected a boat carrying out suspicious manoeuvers in the vicinity of the merchant ship.

"INS Trishul closed the boat for investigation and launched her integral helicopter to investigate. The skiff was carrying items identified as piracy triggers and some small arms with ammunition. Marine commandos boarded the pirate boat and neutralised all piracy triggers in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures," the Indian navy said in an official statement. 

The navy recovered one AK 47, one magazine with 27 rounds and other piracy triggers comprising grapnels, ladders, ropes and fuel drums from the pirates and let the pirates off after removing all piracy triggers.

The merchant vessel Jag Amar with all 26 Indian crew is safe and is continuing her passage.