The Bill, that was delayed, will improve efficiency amongst India's ports.

The Cabinet Union t a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the Bill and replaced the existing regulations under the 1963 Major Port Trusts Act. As stated above, the Bill will enhance the way 12 Indian major ports operate, by enabling decision-making autonomy.

It is also stated that the draft Bill was approved in 2016, despite the fact that India's lower House of Parliament had not passed it.

Under the 1963 Major Port Trusts Act, large ports are overseen by central-government appointed trustees subject to orders from the Ministry of Shipping, plus tariff regulations. However, over 200 private minor and intermediate ports are administrated by state governments, meaning they do not follow the same tariff regulations and therefore have a business advantage.

India recently launched another regulation; The Indian Customs’ new Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations (SCMTR), which was implemented on 16 February 2020, will bring changes in timelines and requirements for advance notice by vessels arriving in India and exports through ships out of India.